June 9, 2011

Welcome Welcome Welcome!


I've always loved it.

Whether it's painting, drawing, animating, coloring, sketching, sculpting, taking pictures, or doodling.

I even ended up majoring in it in college.

I've explored a lot of different areas and I can say for sure it is a passion of mine and always will be.

Over the last few years one aspect of art has always been nudging at my shoulder, pushing me to dive further, urging me to pursue even more.
Over these past few years I've picked up a camera every now again and whenever I did I felt just that:

an urgency,

a nudging,

a passion.

I've decided to see where this road leads. I'm following what I know inside hoping that it will take me to amazing places. It always does, whenever one follows their heart.

So this is why I created this blog. To capture my journey with my camera. To see where this passion of mine takes me.

I hope you have just as much fun seeing the world through my lens, as much as I know I will capturing the moments that happen all around us everyday.

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