July 27, 2011

It's all about the lighting

Ohhhh lighting. The more I experiment with photography the more I've come to realize just how key lighting is. It can make- or break an image.

The other day Jake and I journeyed around Burbank looking for the perfect spot at the perfect time for the best golden sunshine. We stumbled across this beautiful park that was shockingly empty for a gorgeous Friday evening. I think the emptiness really adds to the charm of these images.

Not only was this great practice in getting the lighting just right, this was also the first photoshoot that I did entirely shooting raw. One word: AH-MAZ-ING. Wow, I'm NEVER going back! I feel as though the veil has been lifted in a huge hurdle in getting my pictures to look jusssst right- just like they do in this crazy head of mine. Also, I've never really done a photoshoot with my handsome boyfriend, so this was also great practice in taking headshot type images. He's so handsome :)

Hope you enjoy this little for funsies shoot!

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